Default [Q] Samsung S4 Korean Version - ROOT

Hi forum!!!

I need your help. I have a Samsung Galaxy S4 Korean Version is a clone and i need to be root for install orther Android version. I download Antutu Tester and here is the info about the phone:

Phone model: SPHS on Hsdroid
Phone brands: sprd
CPU Model: ARMv7 Processor rev 1 (v7l)
CPU frequency: 1024.00
CPU manufacturers: SP8810
Internal RAM: 121/466 (MB)
Internal ROM: 95/150 (MB)
External SD card: 30836/30848 (MB)
Android OS version: 2.3.5
Version: MocorDroid2.3.5_Trout.W13.31_P4.08
Kernel Version: Unavaible
Sceen Resolution: 854 x 480

Also i cant enter to recovery mode. Please i really apreciate your help.


Sorry for my bay english.