Default [Q]Where to Learn Jam-packed Android Stuff?

I would like to ask if where can I learn fully-informed Android Stuffs like:

• Build.prop (like heapsize) its contents, and their functions
• VM Settings (like dirty tweaks), its contents, and their functions
• Governor and I/O, their tweaks' functions
• Kernel Tweaks (like kernel panics) and their functions
• Useful busybox commands (like dmesg, top, etc...)
• Root Folder "/" their functions

Thosw are only some examples (already saw them here on XDA).. But I want to learn more, so I know what am I really doing (tweaking) in my phone, and stuff...

XDA is a good place to start learning them (and learned, I had) but I think I don't see like a full-jam-packed thread with information like those. I wish to learn more, so I wish if you would recommend me useful sites and links about them... I don't mind if it's too many details, like a book, I'm just eager to learn my Android...

Thanks for noticing, and a big thanks if you would!

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Gov - I/O > PegasusQ - ROW

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