Default Trying to install Gingerbread on Nexus 7 2012

Good evening all,

I came across a post on here a while ago which asked about the ability to run Gingerbread on a Nexus 7 of 2012 and the response was basically, why? And, co pile it yourself.

So, I thought I'd give it a go, just to see what it does.

Previously I've only ever flashed custom ROMs and I've never downloaded AOSP before, but everyone starts somewhere.

My position at the moment is I've built Gingerbread from AOSP on my server but as I didn't choose Nexus 7 when building it (due to it not having an option to lunch Gingerbread) I opted for the generic build.

So, this built but as it's generic it seems to only be the system, no recovery or boot.img etc.

So, I looked around at guides, building a boot.img for your device in AOSP etc, kernel compilation, but due to my bizarre project, I can't find anything on how to downgrade or retrofit a new boot.img into an older version of Android. Or even how to compile an older boot.img against newer hardware. Even the guides talk about swapping one ROM for another and taking pieces out but they tend to be the same versions of Android.

So, I'm asking for advice really, where do I start?

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