Tutorial [TUT][MOD][Rom Logo In Settings/About]

Hello Xda Members Today I Bring You A Tutorial On How To Add Rom Logo To Settings About Phone

Okay Let's Start

What You Will Need:
Knowledge How To Decompile/Recompile Apk's
Framework-res.apk <From Rom>

Firstly, Move your Settings.apk and framework-res.apk to your "APKTOOL" Folder , And start the below steps

Open Apktool Folder And Type:

HTML Code:
apktool if framework-res.apk
For Xperia Devices:
HTML Code:
apktool if taframeworkname.apk
For Samsung:
HTML Code:
apktool if twframework-res.apk
Then Type
HTML Code:
apktool d Settings.apk
Download logo_row.xml file from This Link and put it in Settings/res/layout

Now go to xml folder.Search device_info_settings.xml and open it via Notepad++

Find Those Lines:
HTML Code:
<PreferenceScreen android:title="@string/about_settings"
And Below Them Paste This:
HTML Code:
<PreferenceScreen android:key="rom_logo" android:layout="@layout/logo_row" />
Than Save the file and close it

After This, you need to have a romlogo in specific resolutions of your device,
Put the file into:- drawable-(your device resolution)

The Banner/logo should be named as "romlogo" {Without Double inverted commas- " ")

After you pasted the rom logo into the drawable(your resolution here)

Go to apktool and open cmd command prompt again and type

HTML Code:
apktool b (settings)
Or whatever your folder is called

Now We Need To Sign Apk

Now with Winzip/WinRar/7-zip, Open Original Settings.apk and Copy "Meta-inf" folder and "AndroidManifest" file
to settings/build/apk

After This, Come back to apktool folder and type the below code to Recompile apk

HTML Code:
apktool b (settings)
Now go to settings/dist and there you have your settings.apk with your logo

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