Question MIUI V5 Lockscreen Problem: 12hour time format

I want to as about MIUI V5 Lockscreen code..

I want to display time at lockscreen, but the number will be taken from picture .png, not the normal font number

<Group name="time" x="225" y="#screen_height-864">
			<Image x="0" y="0" h="92" src="hour/time.png" srcid="(#hour24-(#hour24)%10)/10"/>
			<Image x="60" y="0" h="92" src="hour/time.png" srcid="(#hour24)%10"/>
			<Image x="100" y="0" h="94" src="minute/time_dot.png"/>
			<Image x="140" y="0" h="94" src="minute/time.png" srcid="(#minute-(#minute)%10)/10"/>
			<Image x="200" y="0" h="94" src="minute/time.png" srcid="(#minute)%10"/>	
The origanal code use #24hour..when I want to change to #hour12, there is a problem..
if 12 noon or midnight it shown 00, not 12

anyone know how to fix?