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Discuss Google's official Android app IDE
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Today 05:26 PM
Discuss the benefits of various frameworks for mobile app development, including jQuery Mobile, PhoneGap, Sencha Touch, etc, etc.
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24th July 2015 05:23 PM
What's your development environment? Discuss your favorite tools and utilities for building apps.
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Today 06:10 PM
Discuss functional and performance testing tools and services. Request beta feedback from other developers.
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Today 01:11 AM
There are dozens of sites, tools, and software products available for designing apps. How do you make your app look amazing?
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25th July 2015 12:59 AM
Discuss tools for porting your apps to different operating systems. What works and what doesn't? Is it worth the effort?
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27th July 2015 02:41 PM
Any general discussion of development tools that doesn't fit into one of the categories above.
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Today 02:18 PM
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Today 05:49 PM
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24th July 2015 09:32 PM
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6th July 2015 03:54 PM
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16th July 2015 06:01 PM
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17th July 2015 08:27 PM
Links to online courses you've found useful. Discuss online and offline developer education.
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24th July 2015 09:51 PM
Discuss your experiences getting downloads, optimizing for search engine and app store placement, and using third-party marketing tools.
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23rd July 2015 02:27 PM
Discuss in-app data collection, event tracking, and other analytics from companies like AppAnnie, Flurry, MixPanel, and many others.
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13th July 2015 01:57 PM
Your experiences with Google Play, the Windows Phone marketplace, and other third-party app stores, including Amazon, GetJar, Opera, etc.
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26th July 2015 07:18 PM
Discuss all aspects of translating your app for local markets, including services like AppLingua.
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Yesterday 06:40 PM
Discuss how you maintain your customer relationships, respond to support requests, etc.
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29th June 2015 05:53 AM
Discuss the dozens of mobile networks and your results with in-app ads.
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Today 04:46 PM
How should you set pricing? Are there other ways to make money? Discuss free vs. premium features and versions, in-app purchasing, and other monetization tools. What works, what doesn't?
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Today 05:26 PM
How to raise money to build apps and sell your creations once they're finished. Includes discussion of sites like AppsFunder, Chupa, and Apptopia.
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26th July 2015 03:23 PM
Looking for freelance work? Or just want to show-off? Post your development portfolio.
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Yesterday 09:55 AM