Question [Q] Professional data recovery or other suggestions?

With 56% battery remaining earlier today, on my way home to WiFi where I would cloud-sync, my LG G2 randomly shut off. No idea why.

I have been unsuccessful in getting it to turn back on since using any combination of button holds, charging, or even trying to mount it on my computer. I have never had an issue with this phone since day 1 of purchase until now.

It just so happens that this occurred on my son's first day of school, ever. And I had taken tons of pictures as such. This is not a joke.

I don't care about my contacts, my apps, anything. I just want those photos back, because I will *never* have that opportunity ever again for the rest of mine or my son's life.

Price is not a barrier. Does anybody know of any legitimate, professional data restoration companies I could go through to get these pictures off? Are there any other options I have myself? I would be willing to go as far as taking apart the phone and hooking some copper wires up to terminals myself if that is what it takes.