Storage [Solved] Stuck in recovery, adb kinda working?

Hi, I could use a little help. I've flashed a few roms before, but I really got myself into a tough spot this time. I downloaded Slimrom because the one I flashed before that would slow my device down and generally just didn't run as good as I had hoped. I went into TWRP recovery, wiped the caches, flashed the rom and gapps, but it said that the archive/s were corrupt. I have a few backups, but they are all on an external hard drive. I knew I had to get the Android SDK, Java JDK, New ROM, and use adb if I wanted to fix it, but this is where I've been running into a few problems.

I made sure that the drivers for the phone were installed, I kept getting errors though. I looked at the device manager and it shows the yellow triangle and if I try to troubleshoot it says that there are no compatible drivers for my phone. I looked back at the device manager and noticed it connected with the Media Transfer. I can see the device in adb at the bootloader, but not at the recovery. When I push the rom to the phone from the bootloader using adb push /sdcard/ This fails to copy and says there is no directory. Using adb push /sdcard/ it fails and says it is a directory. I've tried more than this, but I can't seem to get it pushed/sideloaded onto my d800 G2.

Thanks in advance for any help or advice. I apologize if I have been doing it wrong the whole time, it's my first time having to use adb.

UPDATE: I got it into download mode and flashed the stock KK update. Thanks anyways