I have a Samsung Galaxy Note 3, Verizon, rooted, running HyperROM8.
I also have a docking station with HDMI & 2 USB connections.

As it stands, I have a seperate monitor dedicated to the phone and dock. Right now, I must connect a seperate mouse and keyboard to the dock in order to use my docked phone, but I would like to use one mouse & one keyboard to control BOTH my computer, and my docked phone.
I have used Synergy and ShareKM. But both have totally dropped Android and IOS and there doesn't appear to be an alternative that Ican find.
Anyone know of an app to do this? Anyone interested in the idea?
...and, is this the correct sub-forum to ask in?
Verizon Samsung Galaxy Note 3 - HyperROM 8 (N900VVRUCNC4)
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