Default License check timed out (Expansion file won't download)


I have a problem with my app that is using Expansion file. I've finished developing the app and I've uploaded it to Google Play as a Beta. When I download the app, obb files download with it so there's no probelm so far. But then I deleted the obb file and tried to download it manually with an app to see if the Downloader Library works.

That's when the problem begins. The app won't download the Expansion file itself because it says that "the resources were not found".

I checked LogCat and i think there's an issue with a license because at the time when download should begin, this appears in the LogCat:
08-20 15:15:15.437 27600-27600/? I/LicenseChecker﹕ Calling checkLicense on service for com.mhacinapps.sleepwithnaturesounds
08-20 15:15:15.437 27600-27600/? I/LicenseChecker﹕ Start monitoring timeout.
Any idea what could be causing this?

I literally copied Google's sample code for Expansion downloading so I don't know how there can be any trouble. I've edited the code to suit my app, I've iserted my own Base64 public key.