Default Call for Dell Venue 7 / 8 3G Device Owners . . .

I am still in need of a users with these devices :

Venue 7 3G jb 4.3v1.25
Venue 8 3G jb 4.3v1.23

please if you know of anyone that has them contact me with the ota updates back online i fear that 3G users might miss their shot at root with out capturing the images off the jb4.3 build i wont be able to create root kits i have captured the ota updsates for these two versions above but with out the images i cant create a rootKIT for them so please if your part of other venue forums please spread the word and get these users in touch with me before its too late.
Current Devices:
Tablet : Dell Venue 7 3730 Android : KK4.4.2 SW : Venue 7 3730_KK4.4V1.26_140430-NoModem rooted

Phone : Motorola Razr M Android : KK4.4.2 SW : 183.46.10.XT907.Verizon.en.US rooted using : towelroot by geohot