Default [Q] XT875 Hard Bricked - Need Help

Alright I'm assuming it could be hardbrick I'm not entirely sure. The reason for this assumption are;
  1. The phone won't boot up
I ran into my phones softbricking and this is most definitely something entirely different. I cannot turn the phone on at all. The battery charge is still at about 75 percent charge. I try flashing a stock rom which I had receive from one of the posts regarding the gsm hack on the xt875. Before steps 2 could complete its reboot the system just stall and stayed in blank.
I would like to know how can I fix this or is this something I can't fix at all. I don't need the phone but I was trying to get it to work out here in Cambodia on a different sim from the Verizon carrier that I had had it initially on. Seeing that it's bricked now I'm not sure what I can do at all. Any help suggestions would be entirely helpful.