Question [Q] 2.3.6. stuck

Ok this is what i did.. Bought secon hand Gt-i9070.. works great on 2.3.6.
went to install cmw, placed on sd update file
and im stuck now.. cant get to download mode to update on 4.1.2 and cant update on 4.4.2. because it shows error signature file.
i also rooted.. then unrooted via Vroot.

I started Odin, but without download mode i cant update. So i need help. How to remove this cwm.
when i go in recovery i get;

copying media files...
successuflly copied media files.


-- Updating application...
copying Contents.
Successully updated application.
-- -appling Multi-CSC...
instaling Multi-CSC
Applied the CSC-code "TRA".
Successufully applied multy-CSC

after this i have options to rebot, apply update or wipe data