Default [Q] Stock e-mail app suddenly not working

Hey all,
I setup the stock e-mail app to sync to my comcast account when I got the phone in Jan of this year. No issues until yesterday , when I received the message that I couldn't send mail because there was not enough disk space. This happened once before, so I started to delete somethings and I kept getting the message when I would try and reply to an e-mail. I kept receiving e-mails, I only couldn't send. I cleared the cache, that didn't help, then I force stopped the app. Finally I deleted all the e-mails in trash and that seemed to help. But then the app went into a sync loop where it just would sync and not let me have control. After a few reboots of the phone, things seemed to be working....

Seemed to be working is the operative phrase, now it will only very inconsistently download e-mails. it says it is syncing, but nothing downloads.

Any idea would be appreciated


Rooted on 4.2.2
Kernal 3.4.42-g.....
Phone: Motorola Droid Maxx
Android Version: 4.2.2
Kernel version: 3.4.42-gl98aafd-00016-g41392953
Baseband version: MSM8960BP_2323.024.95.00R
Build number: SU1-15