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This post pertains to the SOKP MS3 Release for the Evo 4G LTE - This Thread here -

however because I am able to flash and repair my phones on my own and have been for years and do not post a million questions on these forums everytime something doesn't go as planned, I can not post this there. Maybe if a mod could move it, thanks.


With that being said, this isn't a "O i'm stuck, someone remote connect to my phone and fix it" post.
I wanted to pass along feedback from the MS-03 release yesterday.

Flashed late last night:

Rom looks great, super fast.

This release had the gapps included, did not have to flash gapps separately.

I did notice after flashing and rebooting, it seemed to go into a boot-loop at least twice; It started the boot animation, restarted, came up again with boot animation, went to starting up apps, rebooted again and then came up just fine. I did not have to touch the phone during this process, I assume this just had something with first time use.

WIFI seemed to work fine, data was working ok (can't comment about LTE, I would have to drive a couple blocks over to check)

The only thing I noticed that is a no go for me is the ever so evident internal storage problem - I won't mount the internal SD card and Camera FCs. Gallery FCs and says no external storage.

Flashed back to RC3 and it's working fine so far. I will sit on this a few days and see how it reacts. Hopefully the storage bug can get ironed out of the milestones. I am looking for a non-sense rom to go with, coming from Viper which worked ok, just became a little slow. Tried PA and had to many random lockups and FCs for my liking.