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Since support can't help me I am turning to you guys. (also first post yay ;D)

I'd like to use the Fairphone as device to run my Apps I develop for android.
Since I own multiple android devices I can point out, that the FP1 is the only device suffering from this problem.

The FP1 just spews hundreds of logcat messages per second, even Android Studio can't keep up with all the lines the FP1 produces. I'd provide a log, but I can't possibly sort through all the lines it produces, possibly leaking information I don't want public, because I can't even grasp what might be output. (2 Minutes of Logcat is 47272 lines of output)
I'm getting output for every single decoded and/or scaled media, SSL certificate checks, what the LED is doing, basically every little step my phone makes. I even get outputs o_0
And the spam is so agressive I can't even find my debugging messages between all this.

Possible Cause/Replication:
I've tapped the "build number" (settings > about phone) quite a few times while playing around with the phone, problem is I don't know if it was like this by default or if this is a general problem with FP1.

I've tried until now:
I've written FP-Support twice now, first request got lost, the second pointed me here :/
I since reflashed it via SPFtool because I tried fixing this by deleting /system (don't ask -.- brain fart), but the output persists.

I have played around with the cmdline tool called xlog (/system/bin/xlog) which can filter some of the output of logcat, seems MediaTek specific, don't know if FP1 specific. That has toned it down quite a lot, but some of the vital Exceptions are also filtered out. That left me puzzled for a while because my App crashed and I did not get any output via logcat, what I did wrong. Also: some outputs seem to be caused by a binary called logwrapper which forwards stdout, stderr messages of cmdline tools to logcat. like netbsd-lib output for DNS resolving. It's started via init, so I can't do much about it and some messages won't even filter via xlog.

Has anybody experienced this and/or knows a fix? I'm stumped
If not, can you replicate so we can suffer together? o_0'

best regards
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