Default Very Impressed with the Amazon Fire TV (From a Canadian)

I can't overstate how impressed with this little box I am. I picked one up last month on a trip to the US (I'm from Canada) and thought I would play around with it and see how it would work in Canada. With Unblock US and an Amazon account with prime I have been able to access all my prime amazon content on it. As well as US Netflix, Hulu, ETC.
XBMC is very easily sideloaded onto it as well, with or without being rooted which opens up a whole new world of content and goodies.
And once rooted you can do even more cool stuff. I followed guides to add the google app store, remove unwanted menu options, change the launchers, add game controllers, move apps to external drive, and much more. I just installed Google Play Music and now I have complete access to my google music account on the FireTV which is very cool. I'm sure there are tons of awesome apps that work on the FTV. Another favorite is Droidmote Server so I don't keep having to unplug my external drive to use a mouse or keyboard (which many google apps need)
I sold my 2 Apple TV 2's for a very nice profit and I'm going all Fire TV. The only advantage I think to the Apple TV's is if you have itunes and are invested in the Apple Ecosystem which I was not. The menus and everything are much speedier and my ATV2's were prone to random crashes while in XBMC which drove me crazy.
I'm really looking forward to playing around more with this unit and seeing what all the development community can do with it. I think its already awesome and it has a ton of more potential.