Default App crashes

So I know I shouldn't expect much from the hardware site of the phone, but even when I just do easy multitasking like if I'm in facebook for a while and the swap over to snapchat via the multitask menu, it usually has shut down snapchat by itself so the app has to restart? Same thing happens with almost every app.
Also with spotify for example if I have to other apps running and swap a little between them in the end spotify will force close, this has not happened to me on any other device not even on my galaxy nexus.
So does this happen to others than me? I mean a light use of multitask it can't handle...
Other than that I sure do love this phone

Also how can it be when I turn up for the volume playing a YouTube video, listening to spotify, Google play music and so on, it pauses the video/song? Check through all settings can't seem to find anything.

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