Default Ace II I8160 won't turn on or go to download mode?

So my cousin has a Samsung Galaxy Ace II and she used her phone until it's battery died (0%) and it got turned off because the country I live (Kosovo), electricity gets cut off times to times and she leaved it plugged in and slept. After that nighy the phone won't turn on or go to recovery mode nor download mode, I switched batteries but still had no succes, it used to work perfectly but now doesn't respond at all. It had Cyanogenmod 11 on it. Any suggestions?
Device:Samsung Galaxy S Duos [GT-S7562]
ROM:PMP™ Ultra v8.5.1 [ICS/4.0.4]
Kernel:KyleOC2 Kernel R1 [1.113 GHz]

Device: Nexus 7 (2013)