Exclamation [Q] Problems setting to stock

I have a little experience with custom roms and rooting, but i have not yet set anything back to stock. I tried to set my GT-S7560m back to stock with a stock rom from sammobile(dot)com. I flashed it with odin like normal, and it said everything was good, but the phone never booted.

It got past displaying the model but got stuck at the samsung flashing while booting. I have left it at the screen for 30 minutes hoping it would boot, but no luck. I removed the battery for a day and tried to boot again and still no luck.

I read somewhere that sometimes help if you can clear the cashe but i can not enter the recovery(I can still enter download mode). I have noticed when i try and enter the recovery when the phone is plugged into the computer it just keeps saying disconnecting and reconnecting, with nothing on the phone it self.

I also tryed to use samsung kies to reset it but it just told me this device was not supported or something similar to that.

Now i have tried anything that i have found, i am willing to try just about anything, any help or input would be appreciated.