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Are you getting one?

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Originally Posted by generalkrank View Post
People say that QHD displays are just a gimmick but my g3 is hella crisp and as for battery life its fantastic, easily last all day.

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No SD card support..... I'd rather get the G3.
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I will get one, if the battery is good enough.
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Default Alpha is almost there

Originally Posted by Wotta View Post
Ummm... me. I'm trim and of average height, not tall or big-boned, etc. I don't have huge hands. I wear 501s much of the time. The S5, G3 and One M8 are a bit too large for my pocket and for one-handed use. A phone is like a sidearm; while the zealots always want bigger and more powerful, if it's inconvenient to carry or use, and so you don't, it's no good even compared to an old flip phone.

But... the Alpha lacks a microSD slot, so it actually fails my requirements. Don't tell me you're selling me a Porsche - small, powerful, expensive - and then cut out the top gear. Charge me another $100 and put in the top gear, and call it a Porsche Xtreme or something silly like that.
Yes. I am in a similar situation -I am what you would call a Power User and need the Phone and nice
Camera for Business but am athletic, active and need the smaller form factor.

I want an Alpha Pro which is thicker with a larger Battery and Larger Camera Sensor like Note 4 ,SD Card for $ 100 more.
Alpha is a fashionable Device.

Alpha Pro would be for Note 4 types who don't want a huge phone.

The "Thinness Race" is surprising to me - I would MUCH prefer a thicker phone with SD Card and larger Battery and less breakable.

This size about 5.2" Tall with 4.7"
screen is perfect for me- and this Camera will be very good for Interior Designers , Real Estate Pros, Artists etc. not replacing a DSLR, but very useful.

Larger screens to me are impractical to carry and more likely to break, but I love the power of a Laptop in my pocket.

The Alpha is close.
The Sony Z3 Compact is close.

I prefer a removable Battery.

If Devs can create an APP that allows direct Storage to USB Stick ,
I could live without SD Card.

Two to Five Millimeters thicker and the Alpha Pro could be the Flagship Compact.

Remember you put a Rigid Case on a 5.6" Tall S5 and it's large and still fragile.

Put a rigid case on the Alpha and it's still pocket sized and less likely to break .

I don't know why it needs to be only 6.7 mm thick and 4 ounces-lol.

Give me the thicker Alpha Pro- a Device I am making up in the hopes it happens....
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720p on 4.7" is decent. Even iPhone 6 doesn't have 1080p on their 4.7".
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Hmmm I'm divided! I just had the S5 mini for a few days, and the screen on that one is bad. I meen the 720p resolution just doesn't cut it! Even thou the screen is small. It's just as bad as the S4 Mini. You can't read small fonts or read Web pages without zooming.

Soooo....... Does the Alpha has the same problem? I would guess. Even bigger screen with the same resolution. I hope I'm wrong and that Samsung just used a sub par display in the S5 mini. But I'm sceptical of course.

Also not sure if I want to live without the brilliance of a IR blaster in my phone. I use it everyday.

And then finally there is the potential issue about the battery size. Maybe it will be fine, if Sammy has optimized the Alphas HW correct.

So bottom line, I really want to get one, but I'm not to sure! LOOOOOOVE the esthetics!
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