Default S Note/Google Keep/note apps for the Gear Neo/Tizen??

Hi, I am thinking about taking the plunge and getting a Gear Neo. Besides notifications and the ability to actually making/receiving phone calls (and the IR blaster is also very nice..), the other killer features for me would be:

- a good S Note/note app, the ideal would be to be able to run Google Keep on it... Is it possible? What is there for the Gear Neo/Tizen smartwatches?

- being able to read documents (*.DOC or *.RTF or even *.TXT files would be OK). Is this possible?
Ideally, I would have Dropbox on my smartwatch and could open my docs from there but I realize that I may be asking too much... LOL

So, anyway, what can you do in these 2 areas on a Gear Neo?? All of the other features are very much talked about everywhere and are clear to me but few seem to care about these 2 use cases...

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