Default Unable to Speak or Hear while Calling from SIM 2

Hello xda,
umm ive been having a little bit of problem with my Grand 2 from the past few days. Actually, whenever i try to Dial or Receive a call from SIM 2, i cant talk or hear anything. that is, the other person cant listen to what im saying and i cant listen to them either. its almost as if both my Microphone and the Speaker ( or Receiver, idk what you call it xD) are not working at all. but if i Dial or Receive a call via SIM 1 then everything just works perfectly fine.

Then, if i reboot my phone (a full reboot and NOT a hot boot) Calls from SIM 2 start working again. Weird thing is, that it only works for an Hour or so and then the same problem arises again.
I've tried changing the SIM but that didnt help at all so i dont think theres anything wrong with the sim card or the network as i AM getting a full and stable signal.

If anyones got any idea whats wrong. please help me out i'd really appreciate it.

Im Currently using the GENNXT E3 rom By Balliboxer