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[ROM] Codename Android 3.8.0 [JellyBean] [10/20/12]

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Default [ROM] Codename Android 3.8.0 [JellyBean] [10/20/12]

* Based off of Clean Android 4.1.1 Rev6 (JRO03R)
* File Manager Included
* T-mobile Theme Manager (tmobile, CyanogenMod, xoomdev)
* T9 Dialer/Landscape/Dialpad Settings (CyanogenMod)
* Trebuchet Custom Launcher (CyanogenMod)
* Ability to set custom ringtone delay (in phone settings - Netboy)
* Framework: added support for caller name display (kenshin)
* Framework: added HSPA+ support (shows H+ icon on status bar when connected to hspa+ - Bajee11)
* Framework: ability to set custom carrier label (Netboy)
* Browser: option open tab in incognito mode (Arham Jamal)
* Browser: option to close all other tabs (Arham Jamal)
* Browser: unhid the user agent settings
* DeskClock: added stopwatch and countdown timer (Jorge Ruesga)
* DeskClock: added settings to do nothing/snooze/dismiss and alarm by flipping the device (maurodec)
* DeskClock: you can set an alarm to switch your profile (jorge ruesga)
* Email: added meeting time to email invitation tab (erezak)
* Email: added option to enable/disable LED notifications per email account (apohl79)
* Keyboard: ability to use the volume buttons to move the cursor (romanbb)
* Settings: ADB over Network (enable TCP/IP debugging over Network interfaces (WiFi, Usb networks)
* Settings: Added option to disable volume adjustment sound (Settings -> Sound - StevenHarper)
* Settings: Option to change the devices hostname
* Settings: Hardware info in about phone (romanbb)
* Settings: Added nfc poling (sethyx)

* Custom Camera App: (CyanogenMod)
- Continuos focus
- Iso Support
- Support for red eye reduction
- Ability to use the power button to take pictures

* Customizable Messaging App:
- Added the ability to display a pop-up QuickMessage when an Sms message is received (DvTonder)
- Added call sender and quick reply notification actions (DvTonder)
- Added Emoji patch from CM MMS app (Robert Burns)
- SMS Templates (rciovati)
- Custom Vibrations (mssmison)
- Timestamp Options (aravance)

* Customizable Phone App (CM)
- Advanced Phone settings (optional vib on outgoing or incoming call or every 45 seconds)

* Customizable Power Menu (codenamedroid)
- Reboot Menu
- Profile Switcher
- Screenshot
- Airplane Mode
- Navigation bar toggle
- Silent toggle

* Customizable Status Bar: (Miui, CyanogenMod, romanbb, sethyx, kejar, syaoran12 ,romanbb, Stevespear426, Kyle Teague, Whitehawkx)
- Battery Icon style
- Battery Icon in notification bar
- Miui style battery bar
- Clock style
- Customizable Clock Color
- Clock Am/Pm style
- Clock Day of the Week
- Customizable Signal Text
- Customizable WiFi Signal Text
- Ability to slide your finger across the status bar to control brightness
- Notification counter

* Customizable Notification bar:
- Notification bar Power Widget (Cvcps, DvTonder – CyanogenMod)
- Notification bar Toogles (AOKP - romanbb)

* Customizable Navigation Bar: (Zaphod-Beeblebrox, KhasMek, romanbb, akellar)
- Ability to enable/disable the navigation bar (enable toggle in power menu settings)
- Customizable navigation button actions
- Custom navigation bar ring targets (Team Eos, modified by Codenamedroid)
- customizable navigation bar color (Team Eos, modified by Codenamedroid)
- Customizable navigation button and button glow color
- Menu button visibility and location
- Number of navigation buttons
- Order of navigation buttons
- Navigation bar size
- Navigation bar transparency

* Customizable Lockscreen:
- Up to eight configurable lockscreen targets (Codenamedroid)
- Added optional centered lockscreen layout (Codenamedroid)
- Optional centered lockscreen clock
- Option to disable vibration on the lockscreen (StevenHarper)
- Customizable number of lockscreen targets (CyanogenMod)
- Configurable lockscreen wallpaper (Danesh M)
- Option to always show lockscreen battery (Blunden)
- Add weather to the lockscreen (DvTonder, Danesh M, Marius Volkhart, Rick C, Aokp)
- Add calendar reminders to the lockscreen (David Morgan)
- Lockscreen before secure unlock (Danesh M)
- Ability to unlock with menu (CyanogenMod)
- Quick pin unlock (unlock with pin/password without pressing ok – CyanogenMod)

* Customizable Sound Settings:
- Customizable volume panel (Stevespear426)
- Configurable ascending ringtone (Danny Baumann)
- Safe headset volume (CyanogenMod)
- Volume rocker music controls (CyanogenMod)
- Ability to customize action taken when connecting a headset (syaoran12)
- Face down actions (syaoran12)

* Customizable Display Settings: (CyanogenMod)
- Customizable Rotation Modes
- Customizable LED Pulse (Duration and Color)
- Volume wake (tap either the up or down volume key to wake your phone from sleep)
- Volume music controls (long press volume buttons to skip tracks)

* Custom Profiles (CyanogenMod)
- assign different profiles to change the behavior of your phone to your liking

* Quiet Hours (CyanogenMod)
- the ability to set when notification sounds, haptic feedback, vibration and notification light will function[/color]

* Performance Settings:
- Start-up tweaks (kejar, Jrummy)
- Processor Speed (xoomdev)
- Voltage controls (xoomdev)
- Kernel controls (kejar, Jrummy)

* Developer Options:
- Propmodder (Jdkoreclipse)
- Spare Parts
- Development app
- Testing Settings

* SuperSU
* Busybox
* Bash
* Nano


Codename Android Webstie
Codename Android Twitter

ROM Download Link: ROM Download Link
Download Link: Google Apps
Donation Link: Codename Android
(donations are very appreciated and keep the roms coming )

Codename Android 3.6.6 – 3.8.0 Changelog

* updated rom source to Android 4.1.2 Rev1 (JZO54K)

* completely revamped toggles system (AOKP/PA)
* added group mms to the messaging app (vivekvasani)
* added the CmCircleBattery to StatusBar options (travp624)
* added the ability to change the color of the battery text, battery charging text, the cm circlemod ring color, and the cm circlemod charging color (travp624)
* added custom statusbar color and navigation bar transparency (paranoid android)

* you can now add contacts/direct dials to the lockscreen

* better 3G/4G signal on galaxy s3
* fixed issues with dock audio (epinter)
* many fixes to the mms app

Codename Android 3.6.5 – 3.6.6 Changelog

* enables custom navigation bar keys and ring on 10inch tablets (Stevespear426)
* added the option to change the soft keyboard type when composing messages (GzFighter):
Gives the user the option to change the keyboard from Emoji to enter or a
new line or enter to send. The setting has no effect on the hardware keyboard.
* increased the default number of sms messages sent in checking period (TeamBAMF)
* added screenshot option to navbar settings (Stevespear426)

* updated navbar color picker (Patrick L)

* fixed audio wakelock on galaxy s3
* fixed reverting to 700mhz on screen on galaxy nexus
* fixed QuickMessage popup force closing when receiveing Mms and QuickMessage themeing support
* fixed switching custom navbar icons without resetting the navbar

Codename Android 3.6.0 – 3.6.5 Changelog

* new Codename(Android) wallpapers -
(Codenamedroid, LordGarlicbeard, Paranoid Android)
* custom navbar icons - (Zaphod-Beeblebrox, modified to work with CNA)
* notification wallpaper - (xoomdev, modified to work with CNA)
* statusbar transparency - (Paranoid Android)
* re-added navbar color
* added force tablet and dpi change
(dagr8 - Settings -> Interface -> Gerneral UI)
* added alternate signal layout
(Zaphod-Beeblebrox - Settings -> Interface -> Status bar)
* added IME switcher and Ring/Vibe toggle as navring target
(Boris Bershadskiy)
* added IME toggler as Navbar target (Boris Bershadskiy)
* increased themeability of the statusbar (Zaphod-Beeblebrox)
* added the advanced calulator features from cm
* add alow mock sms to developer settings (jruesga)
* new command line tools:
htop, lsof, powertop, nano, vim

korean translations (franco-c)
czech translation (Kynio89)
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Default [ROM] Codename Android 3.4.1 [JellyBean] [08/28/12]


GSM here:

Toro here(VzW):

Nightly Change log:

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First. So excited.. Loved your ICS work. Welcome to JB community

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omg i love you blackdroid
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The best rom ever ftw.
And third

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Originally Posted by Toxina View Post
omg i love you blackdroid
Blackdroid? His codename. xD

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Wow! Awesome. I'll try

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Maybe im reading it wrong... this is based off aosp, right?
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Fastest rom I've used so far thank u!

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Your ROMs are always good! Thanks!

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