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FYI: atm, TWRP and Android does not work with encrypted F2FS data partition. Once a F2FS formatted /data partition gets encrypted, TWRP (and android) rejects every password one enters. This is also the case if you convert the data partition from EXT4 to F2FS after data has been encrypted. Once its done, the password will not work

osm0sis is currently trying to fix this for the DirtyV kernel: http://forum.xda-developers.com/gala...13655/page1150
Now I know why converting /data didn't work while cache was no deal at all. Was thinking what the hell I'm doing wrong and didn't remember that I encrypted once some time ago... Not even fastboot erase or format did help. Is it normal that I NEVER have to enter the encryption password? I read at boot should be the normal behavior but not for me^^ thx @osm0sis for addressing it though