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Init uses the file label on /system to determine the appropriate SELinux domain to transition into. In at least the case of lmkd above, it appears the file label is incorrect. It should be:

root:/ # ls -laZ /system/bin/lmkd                                   
-rwxr-xr-x root     shell             u:object_r:lmkd_exec:s0 lmkd
If you're seeing system_file when you run ls -laZ, then it's likely an incorrect label.

The SELinux domains for "lmkd" and "inputflinger" are distributed as part of the AOSP SELinux policy. The other services are tuna specific and likely no SELinux policy has been written for those services.
Thank you sir, got past those issues. I kind of cheated to get around the domains on the proprietary files, I mapped them to zygote_exec then just went back and added the rules to that domain. A hack, but it seems to have done the trick. Still not booting, but I believe that may be kernel related. From what I can tell, it appears there is a dependency on the updated IPC binder in the kernel. Carlos, does your kernel have the updated binder backported from 3.4?

Also, for anyone interested, I have an upload of my current progress going now, hoping some other people get interested in this and can help finish it off.