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Stable 4.4 ROM

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if you need the phone as an alarm clock and not much else. i would suggest to sell the gnext and buy an alarm clock
jk...anyway i downgraded back to slimbean 4.3 and i think its the best move i made in awhile. i get around 2 days of battery life. I also had a lot of bluetooth issues with car and my speakers so with 4.3 these problems are gone, but i think its just a general android issue that google just starts a bunch of projects but never perfects any of them.
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I'm going to add my two cents to the discussion... and boost my post count to twenty while doing so.

While I do agree with Saturn1217's opinion that
In many other fields (I work in biology) it is very common to have a review article to get people up to speed on a specific topic without them having to read every primary piece of evidence on a topic because that is a lot of needless repetitive work that has already been done. It isn't being lazy. It is being efficient.
I have to side with Nephilim. Unlike performing research in the sciences -- and I know what it's like to read thirty or forty articles dating back to the 1970s to present to get background information -- the information for the ROMs is easily available. A compilation thread doesn't make sense because ROMs change daily, and updating those changes in a compilation thread would be a full-time job in and of itself.

The best course of action is, as Nephilim said several times, to go to the various ROMs and read through their threads. Find out the problems that people are reporting; read the change logs (if you're so inclined); and, ask questions in the threads of the ROMs that interest you, or that seem to have the popularity/following of the community.

Threads that ask for the best ROM to do X become a burden to the forum moderators. Instead of providing objective evidence of why ROM 1 is better than ROM 2, it becomes a thread full of subjective valuations on which ROM is better and why ROM2 is the greatest piece of programming EVER; and ROM 1 sucks and should be erased from the internet.

I spent nearly a week researching ROMs, tools, etc. before I unlocked and rooted my Galaxy Nexus. The information is readily available and doesn't require quite the level of intense research of something like, say, biology or physics. Recently, I have been researching various 4.4 ROMs to flash to my Galaxy Nexus... although, I have also been contemplating "downgrading" to 4.2 for the sake of some issues I have had with my phone. Regardless, the best place to find this information is in the threads for the ROMs themselves instead of asking in the General Topics forum.
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Cm11 is pretty stable I'd say. Minus 1/20/2014 that is. For some reason that has given me many issues. From the network to system crashes.
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Let's see what's stable for a daily driver. OmniMetal, CM11, PA Beta 3, Shiny ROM (on rootzwiki, needs a bit of hacking to work on maguro). I've ran and tested ask this personally and they work fine for daily use.

Right now on OMNI official, hoping it's stable as I need my phone to be stable tomorrow.

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In my opinion, OmniMetal is one of the best, good performance, stable and very battery friendly with Dirty kernel.

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Originally Posted by ppiimm123 View Post
I am using VanirAOSP. Its very fast and also stable!
Yeah! Vanir is the best ROM in my opinion. It's so fast and stable!
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And this is why these threads are useless and not allowed.

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Originally Posted by mrgnex View Post
And this is why these threads are useless and not allowed.

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Hey which radios are the best? How about launcher? I kid I kid...

Mods you can lock this one up now
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Paranoid Android is the only ROM that ever satisfied me..

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