Unhappy [Q] Gnex can't flash and boot up

I'm in big troubles, today my Gnex has started to loop on boot screen and then reboot (Slimbean 4.3 update 2).
I tried to wipe cache partition , to wipe dalvik cache, to flash the same rom, to flash another rom, to delete all data... but nothin happens..
it seems like the recovery (CWM) can't delete anything! if i delete or format anything , nothing happens! but the recovery told me that the process has succedeed.. I tried using Wugfresh toolkit to flash stock and also Odin.. but nothin happens..
I tried some casual commands on ADB, but i'm no good with ADB and i can't figure out.. Please Help, we're almost on Christmas and i don't want to leave my dear Nexus... Help me! Thanks..
p.s. sorry for my bad english..