Default Phone Call > Black Screen, Battery Pull Required

When I make/receive a phone call I put the phone to face and like normal the proximity sensor turns off the screen. The problem is that when I pull the phone away from my face the screen does not re-activate. I can still talk to the other person but even once the call has been disconnected the screen will not re-activate and requires a battery pull.

I have unlocked my bootloader, rooted, installed and tested a handful of ROMs: Revolution HD, AOKP, Stock Rooted and even installed factory 4.0.2 and stock recovery from Google. I have tried it with none other than the original apps installed, still the problem persists.

It seems to be very similar to the Nexus S proximity sensor issues...

Does anyone have this problem or have a solution. It is driving me crazy.

Edit: I have downloaded AndroSensor and tested that my proximity sensor is functioning. It reads 2.0 when nothing is near and 0.0 when something is near