Default [Q] Plugged into soundboard now no sound

ROM: Slimbean 4.3

Last night I plugged my phone into a soundboard to play jazz at a banquet. No music was coming out so I unplugged it and check to see what is going on. Now I have no media playing (google play, youtube, iheart, etc) through my speaker. That was last night.
Today I went through the motions of flashing it and re load everything. Again no dice but some other things have turned up unexpectedly. I can now listen to music through my headset but when I unplug it, the music does not stop. When I plug it back in Google now pops up. Now it gets weirder, when I call my phone I can't hear anything in my phone handset but when I go to speaker I can hear. How and why is this happening but more importantly why is this happening? I expect that this is not a hardware issue but software and that I need to go through the terminal and see whats going on but I'm only ankle deep in coding.