Question [Q] Having random crashes. Can't find too much in the kmsg.

Alright so lately I'm having some issues with my phone.

It randomly crashes all the time. Whenever that happens i need to format the system partition and need to reflash everything. I tried flashing multiple kernels but the problem just persists.

Sometimes it completely crashes other times i think it stays on but does nothing until i pull out the battery and after i boot backup up (after reflashing everything.) my background has been reset and my wifi networks wiped.
Could this be software related or hardware related? Since the phone is pretty old (Took it over from someone i know).

This is the only thing that i find in the kernel og that may cause the problem:
<4>[ 4960.491485] omap_hwmod: ipu: failed to hardreset
<6>[ 4960.500305] omap-iommu omap-iommu.0: ducati: version 2.1
<6>[ 4960.613525] rpmsg_omx rpmsg6: conn rsp: status 0 addr 101
<4>[ 4960.671600] omap_hwmod: iva_seq0: failed to hardreset
<6>[ 4960.683227] rpmsg_omx rpmsg-omx1: local addr assigned: 0x402
<4>[ 4960.687438] omap_hwmod: iva_seq1: failed to hardreset
<6>[ 4960.691284] rpmsg_omx rpmsg6: conn rsp: status 0 addr 103
<6>[ 4960.857055] rpmsg_omx rpmsg-omx1: local addr assigned: 0x403
<6>[ 4960.858459] rpmsg_omx rpmsg6: conn rsp: status 0 addr 104
<3>[ 4961.406158] omap_tiler_alloc: failure to allocate address space from tiler
And then a whole bunch of messages about the low memory killer killing processes.
Phone: I9250 Samsung Galaxy Nexus maguro
Rom: Carbonrom latest nightly
Kernel: Fancy Kernel r53 F2FS

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