Sign [Q] WIFI only TOY (PLEASE VOTE!!): OPTION(1) VoIP or OPTION(2) Linux?

Ho Ho Ho!

PLEASE VOTE (JUST CLICK ONE)!!! Everyone here gets a vote, regardless of status as expert or noob

(mustering my best HAMLET voice..) "To Linux, or VoIP, THAT! is the question"....

I've been out of the scene for a while (working 2 jobs all this year). So I have quite a little collection now of phones, I've been building up. I consider them all WIFI only "TOYs" now, and will probably never reactivate them for cellular use (unless I brick my HTC One, currently on CM 10.2, aka, 4.3.1)

My best available toy at the moment is an ol' (Toro) Vzw Gnex, and I'm dying to tinker with it.

I have access to a PSTN accessible/working Cisco CUCM server (v.9) inside a Firewall where I work (and even better WIFI there, albeit on a different VLAN), which I could set it up for VoIP with (purely as a testing/learning tool), but I'm also seriously considering putting Linux on it.

Thusly, dear friends, which is nobler then?...

(1) To go the VoIP route, and use WIFI + a VoIP client?, and can'st ye offer any advise on a client I should use (other than Jabber, duh)?

~OR, Good Fellows~

(2) Shall I go the Linux route?, and can't ye offer a humble servant any link (or some tips) on installing a very FAT (inclusive) Linux server, with package mgmt (aka, Ubuntu Touch seems rather slim for my tastes)??

Ado, ado!,


  • HTC One M7 (AT&T)
  • Verizon Galaxy Nexus SCH-i515 LTE(Toro/Tuna)
  • AT&T Atrix 2 MB8656 GSM
  • HTC Nexux One GSM