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[BOOTANIMATIONS LINKS/INFO] [TUTORIAL] Galaxy Nexus Custom Boot Animations [23.08.13]

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By wilskywalker, Senior Member on 26th November 2011, 08:03 PM
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Our fantastic community has come up with some great custom boot animations for your beloved Galaxy Nexus.

Here are instructions of how to flash a custom boot animation and some links to all the great animations made by our community!

I have also now added links to scripts, apps and tutorials and uploaded an empty CWM flashable zip file so people can flash their own animations or animations they have downloaded via CWM recovery.

If this thread has helped you, please consider hitting my thanks button and the thanks button of the person who created the animation you have downloaded, many thanks!


***As always, you modify your handset at your own risk, be careful!***

How to create your own boot animation [TUTORIAL]:

I have now created a tutorial for those folks who would like to create their own boot animations, head to post #3 of this thread for the tutorial, enjoy!!

[TUTORIAL] Create Your Own Boot Animation


Ok, firstly, do you like to keep things you like the stock glowing 'android' boot animation??

If so, you'll be glad to know this is already included in your framework-res.apk located within whatever ROM you may be running! To activate it, just do the following:

Using a root file manager delete the following files (if they exist):


Reboot your phone.


To flash a custom boot animation:

Via ADB flash:

You can flash a boot animation using adb or by copying it to your SDcard and then to a location on your phone.

ADB - Permanent:
adb push /data/local

ADB - Semi-Permanent:
adb push /system/media

Thanks to Evostance for these instructions.

Example commands (you need to insert your own file path for the location of the on your local drive)

adb push c:\sdk\platform-tools\ /data/local

adb push c:\sdk\platform-tools\ /system/media
Thanks to Obselite for help with this clarification!

Via CWM Flashable ZIP file:

A few people have requested which animations are flashable via CWM recovery, to help out I have downloaded, emptied and made the flashing script more generic from an existing ZIP file. Thanks to the community for creating this file in the first place.

(If anybody finds any problems with this file please let me know and I will try to correct it)

- Download the attached file:

- Do not extract it, open it using a file explorer, drag and drop your desired into the /data/local/ directory within the zip file.

- Delete the Read Me files and flash as normal.

****Please ensure you read and delete the included read me files, I have tested this on my own Galaxy Nexus and it is working fine with a variety of boot animations, as always though you modify your phone at your own risk, be careful!****

My own boot animations (wilskywalker):

Ok, after much experimentation I finally managed to create my own animations, I have made two animations based on the hidden nyandroid animation in ICS 4.0 in the settings menu.

Thanks and credit to Google for including this great hidden extra and cancerouspete for the inspiration to use this source material. Please let me know what you think in this thread, thanks folks!

Cid Loading - My version of the new CyanogenMod mascot, hope people like it (credit to CyanogenMod for the original image). (Flashable via CWM Recovery)
Cid Loading - Black Background - As above but with black background.

Classic Dancing Green Android - Pretty self explanatory this one. (Flashable via CWM Recovery)
Nyandroid Pop Dance - This is a higher resolution version of the dancing ICS droid. (Flashable via CWM Recovery)

Nyandroid Pop - This is a simple blue background with the nyandroid pop animation. (Flashable via CWM Recovery)

Beemo Minimal (Flashable via CWM & TWRP Recovery)

Android Progress Bar Minimal (Flashable via CWM & TWRP Recovery)

Here are some links to the latest boot animations posted so far by our great community:

Original Nexus 720p by: BlackDino

Optimized ics boot animation by: BlackDino

Cubes - HD Boot Animation by: Evostance

Bootanimations that look good on Galaxy Nexus by: schriss

Tesseract from uotk Thanks to: Goat_For_Sale

Doctor Who by: Tril0x

Android BIOS Bootscreen by: frysee

Nexium Boot animation by: digitalyz

Rotating Nexus by: dawynkoop

Google Gears boot animation by: d-iivil

Pre-Launch Android Tron Animation by: Rockstar52

Galaxy Nexus logo with rotating X by: wynalazca

Google Gears 1280x720 - 60fps by: copkay

IT Crowd opening credits by: geewhipped

Droid Tron Light Cycle Animation by: JoeProcopio

nyandroid does the jig by: cancerouspete

Stock GNex Color Corrected by: JoeProcopio

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic intro sequence by: dark magshin

Bios Boot Animation - Revised revisions by: schriss & Limmerm (Original animation developed by: frysee)

Hi-Res 720x1280 Boot Animations by: inselstaat


RLF - Optimus Nexus Prime by: ZiggSVO

ICS Pulse boot animation by: mimogear

Oldskool / 8Bit Animations (720x1280) by: Frakatchoo

Waving Droid by: tommrazek01

Call of Android by: Crackanug modified by: nitrox1

Sega style Android logo by: jimnastic

3D CM9 boot by: Six6Sicks

Galaxy Nexus Intro by: Rockstar52 modified by: lemmy_0

Samsung Galaxy Nexus Pro by: xcmeathead optimized for GNex by: shiznt

"reboot... sorry Dave..." by: ei8htohms

Codename Android by: seb_2k1

xkcd Comic Strip Collection by: artvandelay440

Dancing 初音ミク by: trajano

Star Wars: Millennium Falcon by: bealesbane

The Matrix: Clockworks by: bealesbane
The Matrix: Clockworks - Modified by: JBabey

Future Boy Goes Home by: bealesbane

ELB Flux Capacitor by: bealesbane

Star Trek TNG: Engage! by: bealesbane

Star Trek: NCC-1701-E Engage! by: bealesbane

Star Trek: Battle for Sector 001 by: bealesbane

Futurama by: bealesbane

Sci-Fi BootAnimation by: Lultima

Google Gears Colours by: Flukester69

Boxing KO by: HeavyweightCR

Fanciness 4 Nexus by: Flukester69

F-22 In Flight by: bengals1975

Street Fighter Characters HD 720x1280 by: Frakatchoo

Galaxy Nexus Intro Animation by: lemmy_0

Android Open System by: kevinngck1

Mass Effect 2: Normandy SR2 by: MuT7

Star Trek: LCARS by: HuskerWebhead

Galaxy Nexus - HD : Calling all popcorn eaters by: daskalos.healing

Diablo III - Evil Is Back by: AdmonDantes thanks to: daskalos.healing

Diablo III - Animated Logo by: AdmonDantes thanks to: daskalos.healing

Pixar by:

The Matirx: Neo by:

3D Android by: zuberio

Battlestar Galatica - Battle at Ragnar by: HuskerWebhead

Transit of Venus 193 Angstrom by:


V for Vendetta by: upstandingcitizen

The BatPhone thanks to: KidDynamite

JellyBean Easter Egg by:

Stock Jelly Bean OTA by: Google Android thanks to:

3D Android by: Atomregen

Dark Jelly by: arrjaytea

Jelly Bean Nexus by: HuskerWebhead

Nexus7 by: Google thanks to: Ryjabo

Need4JellyBean by: Atomregen

Nexus7 Enhanced by: asim0

NexusQ by: Google thanks to: derPianist

Google Gears & Swinging Padlock by: ckinwai

Adventure Time. Circles. Hyper. Link 2 by:

ME2 Normandy by: convolution

RickRolled by: ogdobber - Preview

Green Wire frame Android thanks to: epicface

Futurama Alternate Title Sequence by:

Super Street Fighter II HD Remix by:

Star Wars Galactic Empire by: bengals1975 - video

Fallout 3 - Please Stand By by:

Nexus Loading by: Microman1934

Waving 3D Android by: kmagameguy

Pokemon vs. Gangnam Style by: convolution &

Tight Jeans! by: truecrisis (NSFW)

Batman by: iammagicboy

Sonic Intro by:

MLP: FiM Intro Sequence by: dark magshin

Battlefield 3 by: xDARKFiRE

Fringe by: SamS1989

Google Colours by: Sham-rock

Google Nexus 'X' by: Sham-rock

Nexus Progress Bar by: Sham-rock

MGS Codec by: 06stang

Reconstructing Android by: Atomregen

AK Diamond Kernel Companion Animations by: kr3g3r

06stang's Custom Boot Animation Collection by: 06stang

galaxys3lover's Custom Boot Animation Collection by: galaxys3lover

Supernova Boot Animations by: enricocid

Hackers by: akira8473 (ZIP by: zuberio)

Spinning Futuristic Nexus Logo by: mihaly_n

Boot animation requests

Is there a particular animation you would like but are unable to make it yourself? If so then you have come to the right place, head to this post for more info:

Custom Boot Animation Requests

Many thanks to strumcat for this generous offer. Please follow his guidelines below if you wish to make a request:

If you'd like a custom boot animation of your name rotating, more or less like the one in the attachment, let me know. Can be any color, one of several fonts, outlined like mine, or solid, or reflective.

If you have a short video clip you'd like made into a boot animation, post it and I'll see what I can do. Video has to be playable on my computer. The bigger, the better for more quality. I can resize them down, but resizing up doesn't look good. Background is best black for blending into black screen, but not absolutely necessary. If you have an existing boot animation that's too big for your screen I can resize it for you.

I can do one request per day, chosen at random.

Please respect the developers stipulations...and as always people, no ETA's!

Boot modifications

Here is a great script by djmcnz that allows you to randomize a number of different animations each time you boot your phone:

SCRIPT - Random Boot Animations by: djmcnz

If you are a fan of the oldskool 'android' boot animation then you might want to check out this great set of files that replace your boot animation with a custom Galaxy Nexus version created by nikosrs4

Galaxy Nexus boot files | Further Info | Video


Here you will find boot animation related apps:

AniBoot! - Boot Animation Changer by: FadedLite - Google Play Link

Preview boot animation on your PC before flashing

Thanks to despotovski01 for creating this fantastic program which allows you to preview boot animations before you flash them, extremely useful!!

TUTORIAL: How to preview your Android boot animations on your computer by: despotovski01

External Links

RootzWiki: I am sure you are all aware of this great website, here is their boot animation forum.

I hope this helps some people out, if I have missed anything out, made any mistakes, or failed to credit someone please let me know in this thread and I will happily correct it.

Also, if you find any great boot animations optimized for Galaxy Nexus (on XDA or anywhere else) let me know in this thread and I will update this post, thanks for your help!
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26th November 2011, 09:35 PM |#2  
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Ye I don't like it either, like you say it's quite low resolution and rather than the background being black it's more of a purple colour which really doesn't do the screen justice.
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27th November 2011, 04:03 PM |#3  
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Tutorial [TUTORIAL] Create Your Own Boot Animation
How to create your own boot animations:

you will need the following two programs:

7zip - External Link
Notepad++ - External Link

Install both these programs before you begin.

Create desc.txt file:

Firstly lets create our 'desc.txt' file, this will tell your phone how to display the images you have chosen for your boot animation.

Using Notepad++ create a new file with the following attributes:

Normal text file
You then need to type the following into that file:

720 1280 24
p X Y partZ
***blank line***
Below is an explanation of what all this means and how to define your values:

720: animation width value
1280: animation height value
24: animation frames per second value
p: defines that a new animation section has begun.
X: how many times this animation part loops (0 will loop infinitely until the android system boots).
Y: defines a pause after this animation section has played (0-10 maximum).
Z: is the folder name where the images are located to be played in this section of the animation.

***blank line***: This is literally what it says, a blank line, type nothing here, just make sure the line exists or you animation will not work.

Here is an example of what your file may look like once you have finished:

720 1280 24
p 1 0 part0
p 0 0 part1

Create Image folders:

We now need to create the folders which will contain you image files. Each folder contains the images for the corresponding section of your animation as defined in your desc file above.
To start create a new folder named:

Depending on how many sections you are having in your animation, you can continue to create folders with this naming convention, always lower-case followed by a number, no spaces:

I am unsure if there is a limit to how many of these folders you may create and how that may or may not affect performance, this needs further clarification. If anybody can provide clarification I will update this tutorial.

Create Images:

Now the fun (and hours of editing begins). Choose what you want as your animation, this can be from any source you decide...that's the 'fun' bit. Then comes the editing. You will need to convert your selected source material into a series of images or 'frames' if you like to make up your animation.

You need to use the following values for your images:

All images must be PNG or JPEG format. They must not be interlaced. They should be sized according to the screen resolution of the device you wish to run them on, so for the Galaxy Nexus that would be 720x1280.

You should number the images beginning from 10001 and onwards depending on the number of images. This numbering should be continuous through all your folders and not reset for each folder, for example:

part0/10001.png; 10002.png; 10003.png
part1/10004.png; 10005.png; 10006.png
part2/10007.png; 10008.png; 10009.png
...and so on.

Please be aware I have seen other image files and naming conventions used on occasion, I am giving the information above based on my own experimentation and what has given me the best results and performance.

Create '' File:

Once you have finished this process we need to create your '' file.
Once you have installed 7zip, select your 'desc.text' and all your 'partx' files and right click on them, choose the following options from the context menu:

7zip > Add to archive...

The 7zip menu will then appear, ensure you have the following settings:

Archive: bootanimation
Archive format: zip
Compression level: Store
Update mode: Add and replace files

...leave all other options as default.

Then click 'OK'
You now have your '' file.

This can be manually placed in your /system/media or /data/local directories.

Create Flashable ZIP File:

If you want to create a flashable zip file then please follow the instructions in my tutorial below:

[TUTORIAL] Making Flashable ZIPs, EDIFY Script, ZIP Signing & Key Creation

As always, if anybody spots any glaring errors here, or can provide additional information please post in this thread and I will update the tutorial, many thanks!

I hope this helps people out creating their own boot animations.

Have fun!!

Last edited by wilskywalker; 19th January 2013 at 09:09 PM. Reason: Addition of Boot Animation tutorial, additions based on feedback
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27th November 2011, 04:14 PM |#4  
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The reason it looks rubbish is because its only 360x640

We need it at 720x1280
27th November 2011, 04:31 PM |#5  
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Originally Posted by Evostance

The reason it looks rubbish is because its only 360x640

We need it at 720x1280

I would love to create some of my own but don't know how. Has anybody found any online yet?
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27th November 2011, 04:37 PM |#6  
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Originally Posted by wilskywalker

I would love to create some of my own but don't know how. Has anybody found any online yet?

I was looking around to see if I could find a "HD" version of the ICS Animation, but no joy
2nd December 2011, 12:16 AM |#7  
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Still unable to find any custom boot animation's for the Galaxy Nexus, or even confirm that it can be done!?

Unfortunately Google searches only seem to bring up the stock GN boot for other devices.

Anybody had any more luck, or could confirm it is possible and point me in the direction of a good tutorial so I can try to start the ball rolling with some of my own?

Thanks :)
2nd December 2011, 12:27 AM |#8  
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Yeah it can be done.

If anyone knows how to convert a mp4 into jpgs (1 for each frame, or 1 for every other frame) on OSX then let me know
2nd December 2011, 02:01 AM |#9  
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Yea it definitely can, I made an optimized version of the isc with true blacks and deep colors

Sent from my Galaxy Nexus using Tapatalk
2nd December 2011, 08:44 PM |#10  
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I would like to know where the zip file for this is.

There is a command 'bootanimation' in /system/bin

I ran 'cat' on it but it came out gibberish

I ran the 'bootanimation' tool from terminal on the handset...bad idea

It just repeated the animation with no way of exiting, I'm pulling the battery and looking further.

PS... Quicktime application on OSX should allow you to export to an image sequence, it should also have tools to allow you to crop movies etc.
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