Arrow Solved: Gnabo V6 DSLRController Bug!?

Hello together,

Iīm using Gnabo V6 but have problems with connecting to my Canon DSLRs. First I must say, that everything worked fine with 4.1.2, but after Kitkat and Gnabo, I cant connect to the Cameras via USB. The tablet is always switching from connected to disconnected a.s.o. - and no, itīs not me: Iīve tried differnt Cameras, different Cabes, different USB-OTG-Adapters: Always the same: Thereīs no stable connection to the Cam. Can someone test at home or maybe give me a hint?

Thank you,


Update: Mykino told me, thetīs a problem of the different kernels: Gnabo using the N8000 kernel and I have a N8010 - we will have to wait for Andis kernel