Default N8010 stuck in bootloop, can't flash a thing...

Hey guys,

Today I was playing world at arms, and all of a sudden my tablet shut down and restarted.
Since then it is in a reboot loop, and doesn't respond to anything.

I run the latest official 4.4.2, which I rooted using the CF-Root method. It worked just fine for over a week, until this morning.
I tried to reflash the stock firware (from sammobile) without any luck. I tried to reflash the CF-Root without any luck.
It fails every time. I tried several versions of Odin (1.85, 3.07, and 3.09), but all of them failed.

I tried to reboot in recovery, but it doesn't work, the android robot appears, but then it restarts in the bootloop.
It goes up to the Samsung logo, before crasking again.
Sometimes I hear the music of World at arms playing before it crashes.

It seems real stuck, and I cannot think of anything else to do...
At the moment, I leave it in the loop until the battery dies off... And then I'll try charging it a bit and restart...

Any other suggestions?