Audio [Q] Numerous Play Music problems

Hello, I just got my '14 Note 10.1 in the mail a few days ago and love it so far, but no matter what I do (uninstall/reinstall updates, clear data, clear cache, resynchronize accounts on this and other devices, pause/resume downloads) Google Play Music refuses to work.
  • Persistent Can't Download Music Right Now error for the past couple of days.
  • A song will appear to be loading, then it just skips down to the next one with no error message. I've had this happen to one or two songs on a former tablet, but it would always tell me that it couldn't play the requested music. On the Note it's roughly 3/5 tracks that wind up getting skipped without any warning. This includes music I have purchased from the Play Store on this device within the past 24 hours.

Is there any known way to solve these problems?