Default [Q] Restricted account and multi-user

Hi everyone,

I just noticed that Restricted account still has access to gallery. Is there a way to limit this access?

As another question: Is there a way to log in and log out like Windows on kitkat? I mean I hate to enter my key every time I turn on the screen while working, and it would be nice if you can log out when you want to leave your device. Let me describe the situation a little more precise: I work with my device (e.g., reading papers) in work and some times I leave my office. When I am in the office it is a pain to have a passlock since I end up entering that many times. On the other side, every time I go out I have to set a passlock which is not very convenient!

I tested a passlock quick enable and disable app on my rooted mobile phone but it was not working properly and I can not use it for my tablet since it is not rooted.

Any solutions?