Question Alternative to daynote?


Though I like using daynote, it's simple and quick , it has some issues.
Windows is too small only about 1/2 - 1/3 of the screen on wake up

No way to save and bring back items you have jotted down ( I know they are saved in Action memo app, but it's cumbersome and I pretty much never use it

I'm trying to find a way to jot down ideas and tasks when they occur to me in the moment ( S note is a tad slow, considering you have to start the app and find the notebook etc)

While on the subject I'd love to find a way to link items written in either daynote or an alternative to the calendar ( like make an event, meeting etc and link the note jotted down in day note )

anyone have ideas or a better way to take advantage of daynote?

Thanks in advance!