Default Would appreciate an N7105 NV items backup


As per the thread title, I would appreciate someone sending me a copy of an IMEI-removed NV items backup from a Note 2 N7105. (Ideally both .qcn and text formats.)

Long story short I'm spending a month somewhere where LTE is on bands 3, 7 and 20 instead of my usual 4, 7 and 17. So, maybe (just a teeny tiny maybe, mind you) there's the possibility that feeding my franken-Note 2 (see the T889V LTE guide) some N7105 NV items would make it work on LTE here instead of just DC-HSPA. I'm thinking along the lines of the AWS mod.

And, along this strenuous path of uncertainties, I just might have the time to give this a shot. Of course, I do have an acceptable backup device on hand or I wouldn't be trying this.

Posting the files here could also help others who have had issues that can be solved by flashing NV items again.

(If you have the files but are unsure how to anonymize them, you could always send them privately if you don't mind me seeing your IMEI.)

Please specify the modem in use at the time the backup was taken, just in case.

Thanks in advance,

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