Exclamation HardBrick Samsung Galaxy Note 2 need help!! ASAP

My Galaxy Note 2 unable to start. It's completely blackscreen (not out of battery). No matter i press power nothing appear not even a small light.

Before this happy I phone got upgrade issue. After fixed, I tried to flash kernel "philz_touch_6.07.9-n7000.tar.md5" through Odin but stuck at "NAND writing start". I waited almost a hour nothing happen so I take of the cable (repeatedly did that many time) then it become like that.

I hope it can be fix.
I am seriously scared ****less right now.

*Phone is now blackscreen just like dead battery phone. Nothing happen when I press POWER BUTTON. However, I connect to PC sometime i appear "Window not recognize USB connection". *

Pls someone help me

*I posted for help at XDA assist and someone asked to posted in Link help thread so I hope now I post at the right place. If still not pls give me a link to that thread because I still new here.*
[sorry for make mistake without realize it]