Post [Q] Note 2 Hardware info

Hi guys,
well, i'm trying to swap a n7105 board to a n7100 Chassis/Body, and my note 2 become a n7100 wich is weard since it clearly says n7105 on bootup and in odin mode, but the fact is that it only works with n7100 recoveries and n7100 roms, and it boots without baseband, so "the phone thinks he is a n7100"
here is the list of parts i swapped from n7105 to n7100.
Charging Port Flex Cable Part for Samsung Galaxy Note2 N7105 hv2n
Samsung Galaxy Note 2 N7105 Sim Micro SD Card Reader Board Tray Pins Replacement
n7105 pcb/mainboard
N7105 power button
The remaining parts are from n7100
Now, my question is, do you think any of following parts make the phone thinks he is a n7100?
do you think this part make diference, cause when the device booted up with a n7100 rom, s-pen doesn't work.
Do you think Speaker module make a diference cause i used the one from n7100
or the Back covers make any diference cause they are from n7100
The Antenna wire
or the frame itself?
please i posted another thread but seems that this device is getting old,
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