Thumbs down Note 2 LTE wont boot

Well I think my Note 2 has succumbed to the dreaded SDS eMMc issue... just 3 months within the 24 month warranty!

I managed to ODIN a stock ROM on to it - but it still doesn't boot, complaining it can't mount the 'E' drive etc. When you try to go in to Recovery mode it works, however using volume up+home+power gives you a little robot with a red thing coming out of his tummy (after having all the E Drive errors in RED)!

Kies doesn't connect, and when I put my model and serial in to the emergency firmware & reset it starts to look for firmware then tells me there's nothing for my phone!

So hopefully it will be covered and fixed - I have already changed to an LG G3 which is SO much better - and was about to sell the Note 2 when it died - never again a Samsung phone I tell you!

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