Unhappy Not Registered on Network on N7100

Hello, Friends.
I am in a big trouble now..

i have Note 2 N7100, the phone has SDS problems, so ordered a Original N7100 board from rounded.com

when it's came, it was in Sim Lock, state mode.. so i bought unlock code by $40 from a site.. and sim unlocked, and networks comes..
but when i am trying to make phone calls its hows "Not Registered on Network".

i think i wasted around $200 on it.. there network carrier name not showing "Emergency calls only" shows..
I checked with 2 sim, but same problems..

please help me to solve the issue..

I am from INDIA, when it came from Netherlands it was running 4.3, but i did a flash of 4.4 of India version.

Current Device :
Device Name : OnePlus One 64GB International
Current Rom : CyanogenMod 11S

2nd Device :
Device Name : Samsung Galaxy Note II GT-N7100
Current Rom : Stock JellyBean 4.3 INU

1st Device
Device Name : Micromax A110 Superfone Canvas 2
Current Rom : Stock JellyBean u1.1