Default Request, how to remove the "next alarm" info from the stock samsung lockscreen


This is my current setup, widgetlocker for custom sliders with stock pattern lock enabled. I want the pattern lockscreen to be empty of everything (for aesthetic purposes) except for the pattern input area. I use wanam to remove the charging, emergency calls, and carrier info, I also enabled the stock personal message widget and entered a blank space, then unchecked the time and date. That leaves me with the alarm clock info sticking out like a sore thumb.

I know that I can just use "multiple widgets xposed module" to have custom widgets on a secure lockscreen, but for some reason that setup does not wotk with tasker disabling the pattern lock when I'm at home.

I can also just use a 3rd party alarm app, but I like setting alarms through svoice, and it automatically sets the alarms in the stock clock app.

So any help please?