Exclamation [Q] SM-N9007 (Aus/Optus) KitKat

Don't know if any body has noticed, but kit kat seems to have been sneakily released for us australia note 3 holders of the n9007 model.
I don't know if its available officially yet, as I can't check because I rooted the 4.3 firmware, however I am currently downloading the 4.4.2 firmware from sammobile.

Now this leads to my actual question,
Seeing as we now have the 4.4.2 firmware and modem, would we be able to flash n9005 roms onto our n9007 note 3's and simply swap the modem?

I read somewhere that someone had success flashing, with everything working except the modem.

If any other n9007 would like to hit up the new firmware and share feedback that'd be great