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[Q] Note pro 12.2 screen flickers

22nd March 2015, 05:23 AM |#101  
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is this something we can buy and do ourselves??
24th March 2015, 08:19 PM |#102  
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Thumbs up hopping this would be the solution
Just activate battery saving mood ..... It worked fine for me.
Sorry but it helped a little less than I thought first but you can try it and tell the others about the results
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27th March 2015, 08:52 AM |#103  
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Finally got mine back, my girlfriend has been using it and it's been working fine she tells me.
26th April 2015, 04:58 PM |#104  
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Updated Information
Originally Posted by peterjo78

Thank you for keeping me posted!

I have a Galaxy NotePro 12.2 LTE (SM-P905). This problem began for me several months ago when I had to travel to another site for business and did not take my charger as I felt certain I would not be able to plug it in. I was correct. I had in the past however been able to run the tablet all the way down to 15% with no issues. This time however, the tablet began shutting down and rebooting once the battery voltage dropped below 50%. Over and over and over again it looped through to the home screen only to reboot again. I tried going into the debugging mode and using the settings there that were recommended here but no good. Eventually the pin I had set stopped working and I was locked out of the tablet altogether. Frustrated and locked in the back of a taxi still hours away from home, I went into recovery mode and tried that. No good. Of course, when I got home and plugged my tablet in everything began working again except I was still locked out. Even after the tablet was fully charged, the pin wouldn't work. I ended up re-flashing the ROM. Since that day, this tablet has gone into a reboot loop every time the battery dropped below a certain percentage. Initially, less than 50%, then 65%, then 70%, and eventually 84%. It would do it whenever I watched a video or switched between apps and between screens.

I contacted several Samsung service centers, here in the Middle East and in Frankfurt, Germany. They couldn't help. Frustrated, I rooted the tablet but still no good. I, like you, searched the internet for anything that might work. I recalibrated the battery several times. I ran battery repair several times. Nothing worked for long. I even went into recovery and cleaned the cache. That worked for a few days but always the problem came back.

Then today after my tablet rebooted again at only 84% of charge, I went looking for more answers. I found this thread and thought, I've already rooted it so the warranty's voided so what can I lose? It took less than five minutes to get the back off. Then, calling on skills in electronics I learned and used for over 20 years, I checked all the connections to be sure they were secure and reseated a couple. The battery connection was already taped down but I pressed on it just to be sure. And then I took your advice and installed a thin plastic shim under the mother board to the right of the battery connector. After re-installing the back, I turned the tablet on and checked the battery charge - 95%. I launched a video and allowed the battery to discharge. When that video was over, I checked the voltage - 91% - and launched another video. I kept launching videos until the battery charge was 46%. Then, I turned the videos off and launched my Kindle app. I switched between screens over and over again trying to make the tablet fail but thankfully, it appears the shim has worked - for now. I will check it over the next several days and see whether or not it holds. I'll follow up here if it doesn't hold.

UPDATE: It's now going on day three since I opened the back of the tablet, checked all the connections, installed the shim as suggested, and physically reseated the ribbon cable on the right (display?). Because I pressed on every connection and reseated the ribbon cable in addition to installing the shim, I cannot say which has worked so far. My experience tells me it's possible one or more connection may have come loose - especially after a year of using the tablet daily with the occasional drop or knocking off the counter. However, it's also possible the shim could have provided more support to the board at the point where the battery plugs in. One thing I can tell you definitively: my battery life has returned to what it was before this problem began. In other words, the battery no longer drains to 74% in just a few hours. It now takes pretty much all day of active use to get it to the 50% mark. And that's the point: over the past two days I have managed to get to the 50% charged point without any flickering or rebooting. I've plugged the tablet in each time it's gotten at or near the 50% point.

As for those users who have not had success with the shim, may I recommend you check EVERY connection. Press on them, re-seat them if necessary. While the issue *could* be software, I know from almost thirty years repairing electronic equipment of many types, sometimes contacts get loose or dirty and something simple as pressing on them can make all the difference in the world.
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29th April 2015, 11:30 PM |#105  
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Thumbs up it worked!
Hi Guys,

just wanted to give my feedback concerning the little "platic piece mod" .
I was quite sceptical if this was going to work, but in the end it really did.
The flickering of the screen occurred on high britness and high load of CPU/GPU.
I was following the instructions of the video and voilą. Flickering good bye.
Thanks a lot for giving this advice, i am very pleased to have a fully working tablet again!

It's worth a try if you are rooted, because warranty is void anyway.

Thanks again!
Take care.
9th May 2015, 06:39 AM |#106  
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Originally Posted by peterjo78

Flickering issue solved!
Try this at your own RISK!!

I recently solved flickering issue to my note 12.2 P900 wifi version.
I'd had to open the back cover.
The battery pushes on the cable for both the screen and wifi cable.
I raised the motherboard up with a thin piece of plastic sheet and
problem solved!

I had no warranty so I went ahead to do it.
The flickering solved. no flicking with Full brightness even when battery was 10%.

I did this after I replaced my Lcd cable from ebay seller.. so its the battery casing
pushing the Lcd cable connection to the motherboard.

Hope it helps someone as I have found no solution to this anywhere.
developer option, resetting ... none helped.

reply if anyone has a question

STICKY THIS **** NOW! I tried it as shown in the video:

...And it worked perfectly. I got my tablet back!! I haven't even used it forever because it was just too damn depressing, having spent $850, replaced 2 already and the 3rd did the same damn thing.

I also believe that we should all start a class action suit against Samsung-- who the f____ is with me???
21st May 2015, 09:23 PM |#107  
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The fix did not work for me for more than 2 days. Started flickering again and the problem is now worse and the tablet shuts back off as soon as it hits the red Verizon screen now.
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