I have recently bought 'Samsung galaxy notepro 12.2 lte [p905] unlocked'
From US dealer ( I am from Israel ).
I got a 4G sim from my provider, how ever my tab dont show an lte option on network settings.

LTE option in network options selection?
I have only

Only GSM

My region dont have a stock rom available for this tab.
I tried to install an eu rom with no luck .
I know it is region related issue.

Is there a way to know what stock rom will be supported by my provider.
After reserching about it, I have read that that CSC is not per provider but group of provider.
So i should find a parallel rom that would work shuld I ?

Kindly help

(+ UPDATE +)

just install russion rom no news [emoji25] [SER]

Next trying to install czech rom

(+ UPDATE +) czech rom didn't work as well
next one is south africa stock rom