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[Q] Wifi Disconnects when bluetooth device is connected

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Question [Q] Wifi Disconnects when bluetooth device is connected

I have had my note pro wifi model connected to both a 2.4g & 5g dual band wifi router and while using the tablet I have a strong consistent connection. I recently bought the samsung mouse & keyboard. I have noticed that anytime I connect either device to my tablet via bluetooth, within about 30 seconds my wifi connection drops everytime. I have had my phone, along with my note 8 connected to the same wifi to confirm that my router is working fine. I am using a stock (non-rooted) note pro, updated to the most recent 4.4.2 that samsung has made available. As soon I turn off my bluetooth connected devices, my wifi signal doesn't drop connection and works perfect. Has anyone else had any issues and know of anything that could be done to fix the problem I am having? Thanks
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I've noticed my WiFi dropping and then reconnecting (at least getting those pop-ups at the bottom of the screen alerting you to the WiFi cycling) for some time and I've always used the Logitech Pro bluetooth keyboard.

I hadn't considered that it might be related to this as it's always been in the mix. I'll try it without it for a bit to see if WiFi just stays on.
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I just received the Samsung Keyboard yesterday, and immediately noticed my wifi dropping off. Weird, and a total bummer. Up until this issue, I have been completely in love with this device, not finding any shortcomings from what I expected. Hopefully an update fixes this.
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I'd be curious to know the specifics of the devices and networks to see if there's a correlation. Things like exact model of the note pro, kernel version and build number in addition to make and model of wifi router/ap and type of encryption used. It's more likely an issue on the tablet side than the type of network but still possibly helpful. The thing is, with no development activity for these tablets here its doubtful anyone can fix the issue. Perhaps by drawing some correlations though better info could be given to Samsung.

I don't frequently use a BT keyboard but on my SM-P900 (kernel version 3.4.39-1182544, build KOT49H.P900UEU1ANC5) I'm getting stable wifi on both 2.4Ghz band and 5Ghz band while using my Logitech BT Keyboard. Network is an ASUS R6300 router using WPA2 encryption.
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I have the Att Note Pro 12.2" SM907-A with Samsungs S Mouse ET-MP900D and Logitech Pro Keyboard. Since I have an AT&T version it allows me to turn off WIFI and use LTE to eliminate issues. I went to an AT&T store and should the onsite staff the issue. They were amazed and did tell me I wasnt crazy. My WIFI issues happen every where. I travel for work so its alot of hotels, AT&T wifi spots and also a work location. No Matter the WIFI with Bluetooth it cuts in an out.

My next step was to reset the Note Pro and add the bluetoth items back in.
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I can happily say my P905 does not have this issue.

I'm using the Logitech K810. Spend last night typing about 80 pages worth of text on it whilst playing the Emmy awards livestream over WiFi, it didn't drop once.

Tested it again just now, 5 minutes, 4 pages and TuneIn, no drop. Speedtest does this:

It does appear to be capped at 65Mbps, instead of the 120Mbps my laptop gets. But I've always seen Android devices do that.
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Mine only seems to drop wifi when I take the tablet off the bluetooth keyboard, walk to another room and use the tablet without the keyboard. If I leave the tablet sitting on the Samsung keyboard and use the bluetooth S-Mouse as well, my wifi seems fine. I used the tablet with the keyboard and mouse last night for about an hour, no issues with wifi. This morning I took the tablet off the keyboard to read the news while drinking my coffee at the kitchen counter, wifi was dropping in and out non-stop. Turned bluetooth off, the issue goes away. Weird and frustrating.

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