Info 2 N7000 power button "fix"

Thought I'd share this with you guys.. it is already mentioned somewhere else in the forum but it's buried in a long thread somewhere, very hard to find.

Recently I started having a problem with my N7000. The power button was not working properly. Only the faintest of touches, would result in the phone turning off. Sometimes, the button didn't work at all. Also, the phone rebooted itself several times a day...

For me anyway, it was simply dust/dirt around the power button.

1) remove back cover, then use a jewelry screwdriver to take out 9 screws. Then unclip the phone from the frame. To unclip the frame, take a look at how it's done in this video: (1:52 mark)

2) wipe away the visible dirt/dust, and blow hard around the power button, volume button and usb port...

3) reassemble.

Hopefully, like mine, your N7000's power button is now functioning again.