Unhappy [Q] Help

Okay so my dad gave me his old Samsung Galaxy S GT-I9000. So I rooted it using the XXJVT rooting package. Once it was rooted I flashed Cyanogen Mod 11 on it and everything was good and jolly. This phone at the moment did NOT have a simcard. My mom said that we could a sim this weekend, my friend also told me that the people wont give you a sim if your phone looks rooted. ME being stupid decided to flash back to stock. I did using an old rooting package. Now my phone wont get passed the "Samsung Galaxy S GT-I9000" boot screen. I can access download mode and CWM but CWM doesnt seem to be working properly:/ Well I tried using recovery images and all that crap but nothing seems to be working it just stays on the screen for hours. So I need help, Im kinda a noob as, bricked my phone :/ Any help at all would be appreciated.
Cheers and thanks in advanced